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Can We Get Native Support For Starry Night + SkyFi 3 On Windows? (Answer: Sorry, This Will Not Happen)

I would love to see Starry night become compatible with Skyfi, thus eliminating the need for Ascom and buggy telescope driver software. I can't imagine why this has not already been done. I think adding that feature would benefit sales of Starry Night and Skyfi.

I own Sky Safari, Starry Night, and Skyfi. Sky Safari is great but must be used with a Mac or tablet. I use a camera instead of eyepieces for scope viewing and most camera software was developed for PC use. There is no proper Ascom driver for my scope. I have to use both Star Safari/ Skyfi for scope pointing on my IOS tablet, and a Windows laptop for camera viewing.

Thank you.



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    Bruce Lathrop

    Why are there no answers to this. I agree with what is being asked.


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    Keiron Smith

    Starry Night and SkyFi 3 are compatible on Windows.  Please see here:

    However, the request here is for native SkyFi 3 support on Windows.  And, while I would like to see this happen, realistically, we are not going to do it.

    The macOS scope drivers were all written by Tim Debenedictis, the original developer of SkySafari.  SkySafari was developed for mobile, iOS/Android and ported to macOS.  Writing all the drivers for every telescope mount on the market is a monumental challenge.  Tim is a rare rare genius type of mind, and can lock himself in a room and complete this kind of project within a week.  Not so for anyone else.  

    On Windows, the scope driver solution is open sourced via the ASCOM community.  Many hands make light work.  And, since almost every scope driver is written for through ASCOM it does not make sense for a business like ours to redo what has already been done.  ASCOM is free, and works (for the most part).  Again, per the linked article, you can connect SkyFi 3 as well.


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