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Why, Except For Ganymede, Are All The Moons Of Jupiter Missing? (Answer: Limiting Magnitude For Solar System Objects)

I’m only seeing Ganymede (Earth view, not orbit view) around Jupiter and cannot see Io, Europa or Callisto around Jupiter. I’ve tried restarting the app (by removing it from multitask) and have tried restarting my device. The app was working fine last week. Don’t know what happened!


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    Bill Tschumy

    Is it possible you have changed the limiting magnitude for Solar System objects.  Ganymede is the brightest moon so if you have the limit set at (say) 6.0 then you will see Ganymede but not the others.

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    Roshaan Bukhari

    Thank you for your response. That was indeed the problem. I increased the magnitude limit and there it was!
    Thank you for your quick and helpful reply.

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