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Pro Plus 7 Crashes When Connecting to SkyWatcher NEQ6 (Windows 10)

When I go to "connect" my scope the program crashes (NEQ6 - Skywatcher 100ED). It had been working fine. It does this on 2 computers both loaded with new version of SN7.

Anyone had this happen and know how to fix it?

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Jamie, 

    We are waiting for an opportunity to remote.  But, in the meantime I'm adding a little background, and asking some questions.

    The operating system is windows 10 home. 
    The version of SNPP7 is leEW.

    1. Have you tried right-clicking and run as admin?  This could be a permissions issue.
    2. Are you running any antivirus or security software on both of these computers?
    3. Was SNPP7 working properly on both Windows 10 computers previously?
    4. What happened to the Pro Plus 7 version that was working fine?  What has changed since then?  Why did you reinstall SNPP7?
    5. Please try reinstall Ascom, as maybe there is an issue with the version installed along with Pro Plus 7.



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