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Beta Testing Sky Safari 6 for OS X

Hi--I would like to help out with Beta Testing Sky Safari 6 for OS X.

I've had it on my MacBook Pro beginning with version 1.8. I first used it to replace all my field atlases and star charts for star hopping with an iOS version on an iPod Touch. I then put digital setting circles on my 12.5" dob feeding data into a home made arduino/bluetooth device to broadcast to an Android tablet. Currently my club, the University Lowbrow Astronomers, uses Sky Safari to drive the University of Michigan's McMath 24" telescope and our 17.5" dob, to which we have recently added a ServoCat computerized drive. Both scopes are equipped with SkyFi.

Many of our members use Sky Safari but I'm the only one I know with it loaded onto a MacBook. Mine is older, mid-2009, so I'm hoping SS6 works with 10.10.5.

--Jim Forrester


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