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Can I Submit Tickets For SkySafari Issues (Answer: No, All SkySafari Issues Are Discussed In The Community Forum)

I tried to submit a support request, logged in or not logged in (I tried it both ways). The link:

I filled out all the information and then tried to click SUBMIT. Nothing happens. Tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Rebooted. Same issue. Tried my MacBook Pro, same problem.

Tried plan #2 by clicking on the icons below (Facebook, Twitter, et al). NOTHING. The link to each is!

It refers to nothing.

So I give up. Here is what I was trying to ask:

I'm guessing that there is no upgrade path from SkySafari 5 Pro purchased just a year ago!


Anyone know the trick to ask a support question since it seems nothing works on their website (MacOS 10.12, Mac Pro).


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    Bill Tschumy


    Sorry you were having a problem submitting a ticket.  Not sure what was happening but I will have Keiron connect with you to figure that out.

    To answer your question, due to the way the App Stores work, it is not possible to offer upgrade pricing.  Instead we always have the new version at half price for the first month after release.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Montgomery, 

    All SkySafari app queries, SkySafari troubleshooting, etc, take place here in the community forums.  That is why you could not submit the ticket.  The submission forum actually says all SkySafari requests must be submitted into the community forums.  But, I guess you missed that info.

    Apologies for the confusion.


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