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SkySafari 6 Pro | Can Connect To (Celestron Evolution) Scope But Scope Is Not Responding (Solution: Choose Celestron WiFi As ScopeType)

I have SkySafari Pro 6, which I have been using successfully with a Celestron Nexstar Evolution mount, except for ocassional random disconnects, which could always be remedied by hitting Connect on the SkySfafari scope control menu. Connection was always reestablished without losing alignment. Last night, the connection dropped but, upon attempting a reconnect, there was the following message: “SkySafari can make a wireless connection to the scope, but the scope is not responding,” I have tried resetting the mount (via the rest button) and power cycling, to no avail. Every attempted copnnection results in the same “scope is not responding” message. The mount has a strong wifi signal, verified on my iPhone wireless settings panel. Finally, I can connect successfully if I use the Celestron branded SkyPortal app, so the problem appears to be on the SkySafari side, but I cannot figure what it could be. Advice, please?


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Rolando, 

    If you are still struggling with this issue it is likely you need to choose "Celestron WiFi" and the ScopeType in the telescope settings.

    Let us know if that resolves this for you.


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    Rolando Garcia
    Thanks for the reply, Keiron.
    Wish it were so simple, but this was not a matter of forgetting what “ScopeType” I am using. 
    I have had “ScopeType” set to “Celestron Wifi” ever since I began using SkySafari and have not changed it.
    For whatever it is worth, here is a summary of my experience with SkySafari (SS) and Celestron wifi:
    1. No problem establishing and maintaining a strong wifi connection between the mount and the network. I almost always can 
    observe for several hours without a single wifi drop as long as the iPhone remains within a few feet of the mount.
    2. Occasional disconnects of SS. This means that the app becomes unresponsive, at which point one of two things might happen:
    (a) the app somehow resumes “talking” to the mount as if nothing had happened, or (b) the app "crashes" and must be relaunched.
    In case (b), pressing “Connect” (not “Connect & Align”) after relaunching the app restores the connection without loss of GOTO/tracking.
    3. In one instance, case (b) above was followed by complete inability to reconnect (which is what prompted my original message).
    That is, after relaunching the app, pressing "Connect" repeatedly produced the message “can connect to scope but scope is not responding”.
    To make matters more confusing, I was able to connect to the mount immediately after these repeated SS failures using Celestron’s SkyPortal.  
    And, to top it all, the SS problem “resolved”  on its own the next night—no problem at all connecting, and no new instances of “can connect
    to scope but scope is not responding” since then. 
    4. In case it is relevant, all of the problems described above have occurred whether the mount is fully charged (battery “high”)
    or partially discharged (battery “medium”). The mount in question is the Nexstar Evolution, with built-in wifi.
    These unexpected, irreproducible, intermittent failures are my only complaint about what is otherwise a truly wonderful app.
    They are merely annoying when the connection can be re-established but, in the one case when this was impossible, totally frustrating.
    If one consults with Celestron, they claim it is a SS problem and, I expect Sim Curriculum will maintain that it is a Celestron
    hardware or communication problem. 
    I can see why this happens because the failures appear to be random and cannot be reproduced on cue, so it is essentially impossible 
    to follow up. In fact, I have seen more than a few posts on Sim Curriculum's Celestron forum that describe problems apparently identical 
    to mine, and I have never found an answer that clearly and successfully addresses the complaint.
    I have even considered giving up on wifi connections altogether but, from all I have read, your SkyWire system doesn't work with the 
    USB-that-isn't port on the newer Celestron hand controllers (which is what I have). I certainly don’t want to go back to using the archaic
    Celestron hand controllers after experiencing SS.
    So, there we are—somewhat stuck, but hoping for better times. 
    Any advice/insight would be most welcome.


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