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Suggestions for version 8

I have a few ideas that would make version 8 great.

1)  A solar eclipse overlay map so it would be easy to find the center line of central solar eclipses.  Also eclipse contact times would also be nice of both solar and lunar eclipses.

2)  Have the moon's image go over the shadow outlines in lunar eclipses so you can see the umbra border like in previous versions.

3)  Have stars blink out during lunar occultations like they actually occur.

4)  Color of total lunar eclipses more like they really appear.

5) Meteors streaking across the sky like they really do and support of meteor showers.


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    Steve Cox

    I'd like to see GRS visibility and transit times added to the Jupiter Ephemerides.  Maybe I don't know where to look in SNPP7, but I can't find a list showing GRS transits, and have to find out the hard way zooming in on the planet and using the time lapse feature to determine best viewing times.

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    Windows 7 compatible

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