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SkySafari 5 Pro | Temporarily Blinks Into Different Coordinates When Connected Via StarFi WiFi To iOptron CEM25P (Answer: Mount Must Be Temporarily Sending Wrong Coordinates - Check iOptron Firmware)

When sky safari 5 pro is connected to telescope (via starfi wifi to ioptron CEM25P) the sky safari screen intermittently blinks to a different location then back to the proper spot. Alignment does not solve. Second location somehow 'linked' as moving one moved the other. Happens on both Nexus 10 (Android 4) and Asus c302 Chromebook (latest chromeos).

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    Bill Tschumy

    I haven't heard of this before with iOptron mounts but I can almost guarantee it is a mount problem.  I suspect it is periodically returning the wrong position when we ask for it.  There is really no other explanation for this behavior.  I have seen this very rarely on some other mounts.

    Have you ever tried controlling this mount with any other software?  It would be interesting to know if the problem happens there as well.

    You might try contacting iOptron about it.  Perhaps there is a firmware upgrade that will fix this.

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