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Where Can I Find My Previous SkySafari 1.8.5 Android App Purchase?

Hi all,


Bought SkySafari Pro for android (probably the version before 5 and 4) and used it on a few phones. 
Now when trying to install it on my latest phone, it doesn't show up in the play store, only 4 and 5. 
Is there any way to install this older version again on my new phone?



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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Hi Mike, 

    You can't find SkySafari 1.8.5 for Android if you search for it. But, you can still access it from your "My App" section of the Google Play Store. Any apps purchase will be there.

    If you can't find the app in Google Play on your mobile device try logging into Google Play using a web browser on your computer or installing an app called Purchased Applications.

    You might try clicking the link below for the app you previously purchased - provided you are logged into your Google Play store account that was used to make the original purchase the link below may open up the app for you to install:


    SkySafari Pro 1.8.5 (was approx $39.99 USD)


    SkySafari Plus 1.8.5 (was approx $14.99 USD)


    SkySafari Lite 1.8.5 (was approx $2.99 USD)

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    Hey Mike

    You might try going to Google play store, then going to my apps and games, then library, and see if it's listed in there and if it lets you install them. Any app you've purchased I think should be listed but not all apps will be compatible with your current version.


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    Mike Rosseel

    Followup, I could find and install it via my purchase history.

    Please ignore this post :)


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    Keiron Smith

    An excellent result, Mike!  And, just an FYI, SS5 is 50% OFF in Google Play - sale ends today.

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