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SkySafari 6 Plus | All Labels Missing From SkyObject, Cardinal Directions, Etc (Solution: In Applications > Font Book > Enable Font Type Arial)

I have a MacBook Pro 15" 2017 with macOS 10.13.4. It has two accounts (work and personal). On the personal account, no text labels appear on sky objects or even the direction labels, regardless of settings. On the work account, they appear as expected. I have reinstalled the app, rebooted, deleted the container folder, etc. It happens with both SS5+ and SS6+. Any idea what the difference might be that is causing this? Thanks for a great app, and a big hello to Bill from an ex-NeXT,

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    Bill Tschumy


    This happen when the font Arial is not installed on the machine (or has been disabled).  This is a standard Apple font and should be present on all machines.  We have had this come up occasionally and can only surmise that some other app you have installed has removed it for some reason.

    Go to the Font Book app on the Mac and see if Arial is there and not disabled.

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