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LX200 GPS and SkyFI III

 I'm trying to use my SkyFi III (FW 1.3.4)with my LX200 GPS, but found so many issue !

The erial cable is working good with my Windows10 PC, but If I'm using SKyFi the situation will change in bad

If i'm using the SkyFi in battery mode the web page  is very very very SLOW and many times the connection to my PC or laptop or Mobile will be lost, only if  i'm using the SKyFi with power plug it seam is working good, but the battery is OK and I can seen is 100% via web pages

Why ?

Is a problem of my SkyFi ?

Is it possible to change the battery in  the SkyFi ?

Any suggestion of how to use SkyFi and Maeda LX200 GPS ?






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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Luca, 

    If you use SkyFi 3 with power plug the web pages opens, and you can connect and control your LX200 using the serial cable, no problem?  Is the issue you are reporting here only about using SKyFi 3 with the internal rechargeable battery?


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    Amuro Rey

    After more test it seam the problem was in the connetion from my Windows PC, with a virtual port COM redirected to thye IP of the SkyFi

    It seam it's woirking only one time !

    Every switch off you have the reconfigure all the virtual com connection to SKyFi

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