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Slow response with SkySafari (iOS) and SkyPortal - would a Southern Stars SkyFi-USB help?


I have the following equipment:

- new Celestron Nexstar 8 SE (mini-USB on bottom of HC)

- new Celestron StarSense auto-alignment system with camera and StarSense HC  (mini-USB on bottom of HC)

- new Celestron SkyPortal Wi-Fi adapter

- new Celestron Auxiliary port splitter (to be able to have camera and SkyPortal both attached)

- Apple iOS iPad/iPhone running SkySafari 6 Pro

- Apple Macbook Pro running SkySafari 6 Pro (haven't even tried using yet, but want final solution to include capability)


I'm having the following symptoms:

s1)  The SkySafari auto-alignment often fails using StarSense (I haven't figured out how to do a manual StarSense alignment with SkySafari.)  The scope seems to keep wanting to go to an area of the sky that occluded by trees, instead of attempting to find other areas of the sky to sample.

s2) The app does not seem to track a star correctly even if alignment works - it seeks correctly, but then slowly drifts out of frame.

s3) Sometimes the app freezes for several-to-tens-of seconds at a time after a key-press when connected to the telescope.


I'm kind of inclined to get a SkyFi adapter so I can use the HC and/or the SkySafari app interchangeably with a single alignment.


My question(s) are:

q1) Would the SkyFi-USB likely fix my problem with the app's responsiveness?

q2) Would an older Southern Stars SkyFi-USB adapter work with the mini-USB adapter on the bottom of my new SkySense HC?  I'd guess I'd just need a USB 2.0 Type A to Mini-B Cable to connect?

q3) It says it needs a 12v DC adapter, would that be via a standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel plug?

q4) Do you have any other suggestions for getting an iPad/iPhone interfaced system successfully set up with my equipment so it works smoothly?


Thanks for taking the time to deal with a newb's questions!  



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Wonderful,


    - StarSense auto alignment failing to find clear skies for starfield detection is outside the scope of SkySafari.  This is an issue to bring to Celestron support.

    - Figuring out how to do a manual alignment may solve your problems.

    - You could try setting up the scope in an area that has no obstructions.

    - You could try setting up with StarSense on its own, without SkySafari.  If you can use StarSense successfully on its own then adding more complexity to the setup is ok.  If you can't use StarSense successfully on its own then adding more complexity is not advised. 

    - SkyFi 3 might resolve the issues if they are related to your SkyPortal WiFi Module.  But, I suggest first starting with the advice above.

    - No, you can not use an older SkyFi 2 to connect via Celestron USB.  Only SkyFi 3 has the firmware required to connect to Celestron USB.



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