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How To StarSense Auto Align Using SkySafari With SkyWatcher SynScan? (Answer: Auto Align Using The StarSense Hand Controller First, Then Connect With SkySafari)

hi I have a skywatcher dobsonian synscan with the starsense handset/camera/adapter/gps module all on the latest firmware I use the skyfi3 to connect to my iPhone X with Skysafari 6pro and would like to use the starsense auto align but I cannot seem to find how to do it, please could you advise thanks


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    Bill Tschumy


    You should do the StarSense align just as if you were not using SkySafari.  Then after the alignment, connect using SkySafari and it should use the alignment in the hand controller.

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    Brad Campbell


    I wondering if there are any plans to either make the Sky Portal compatible with Starsense for Skywatcher, or add the connect and align feature to Sky Safari for the same Starsense unit?

    When using that on a Celestron Evo, it was a great feature to have, and hoping it will be again.



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