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After Aligning A Losmandy Gemini 2 Using The Hand Controller What Effect Does The SkySafari Alignment Button Have? (Answer: The Align Button Stores A Local Offset To Correct For Modelling Errors)

Hello - I'm using Sky Safari with my Losmandy GM811G via Skywire.  I understand that I do my alignment first with the Gemini 2 hand controller and then connect to sky safari.  My question is does Sky Safari then use the Gemini 2 model when going to an object?  What effect does hitting the alignment button on Sky Safari have?




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    Bill Tschumy


    Yes, if you build up an alignment model using the hand controller, SkySafari will make use of it when doing a GoTo.

    The Align button (for most mounts, including Gemini) just stores a local offset from where you say the object is to where the model say it is.  It will correct for modeling errors in that part of the sky.  If you go to a different area of the sky it is likely you will have to tap Align again to correct it in that part of the sky.

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    Tim Cardin

    Got it - thanks very much Bill.

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