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Is It Possible To Purchase Add-Ons Without Using The Apple Mac Store? (Answer: No)

When I try to initiate an in-app purchase using a US apple id, I always get this pop-up message "Account not in Store", saying that I need to change my store to make this purchase.

But when I checked the App Store, my region was already set to the US.

Now, I even tried to use VPN to see if this is an IP related issue(cuz I'm in Australia), but there's no change.


The reason why I purchased app using the US account is that because when I first bought the Pro version using my Australian account, I encountered the same issue.

Is there any way to purchase add-ons without using apple's mechanism?


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    Bill Tschumy

    Sorry, there is no way to purchase the add ons without using Apple's store.  I would recommend you contact Apple about this since it is related to the iTunes store.

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