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How To Use SS6 Augmented Reality & What We Need Tested!

Hello AR Enthusiasts!
How The AR Feature Works:
  1. Launch SkySafari
  2. Toggle on Compass Mode (either by pressing the compass button in the toolbar or by tilting the device up to the sky).
  3. When compass mode is on, a new AR button appears on the bottom of the screen.  Tap the AR button to enable AR mode. Tap the AR button again to disable AR mode.
  4. We try to blend the real sky with the simulated sky the best we can.  However you can swipe up/down to fine-tune the blending point.    
  5. The compass on iOS devices can be uncalibrated and off by a fair amount.  To align the real sky with the virtual sky, users can swap left/right to adjust for compass inaccuracies.  SkySafari retains this compass correction preference for your current session. 
Testing and Reporting:
  1. Please test under a variety of lighting conditions.  The feature works best in a daytime sky but is also designed to work at twilight and even a dark sky.
  2. Please report any performance issues or anything else that takes away from the experience.
  3. In your reports, please include which device you are using and the iOS version.  
  4. Please include screenshots and videos to illustrate the behaviour of the AR feature on your device.   Here is how to record your screen on an iOS device:


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