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Successful Test Of AR With iPhone X Running iOS 11.4.1

No bugs found so far... this is working very nicely (iPhone X w/iOS 11.4.1)

I wanted to comment on how extremely smooth this works...  while the compass is good, I did test the ability to gently swipe left/right to align the sky objects to the real sky (I’m aligning the Moon in the real sky to the moon on the app).  I’ve also done the up/down swipe to increase or decrease the brightness of the AR version of the sky blended to the camera view.

If anything the default brightness was a bit dim (too dim to see unless I swipe it up a bit) ... but once adjusted, it’s fantastic.

I should comment... I realize that you are relying on the compass bearing reported by the device to lay out the sky.  On some of my devices, I have had inaccurate compass bearings and had to calibrate the device to get the sky objects to show up where they belong.  So while my current phone is doing a much better job with the compass... I appreciate the fact that you let us swipe left/right to align the sky to the true positions so we aren’t just at the mercy of the device accuracy.

I can’t wait to see this feature make it into the Plus and Pro versions.

Nice job, Bill & team!

Clear Skies,


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    Keiron Smith

    Thank soooooo much, Tim, for testing and providing a detailed report regarding your user experience!  This will be in Plus and Pro too ;)

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