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How To Restore SkySafari 5 Via The AppStores? (Answer: Read On!)

Hi, I purchased SkySafari 5 and Iam quite happy with it. I miss some functions on the Equipment section, so the Version 6 is not a help for me.
I got a new phone, and my problem is, that I can’t restore my version 5 buy, since it is not available on the store anymore. Pretty disappointing for compared to other apps a costly loss.
Is there any chance that you provide me an epa file for that version, or maybe there’s another solution available?
Thanks for your help


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    Bill Tschumy


    You can still restore it.  Just go to your Purchased apps in the iTunes App Store.  In the latest app store, you tap on you account icon in the upper right.  For there you should see the Purchased item.

    We removed SS5 from general sale on the app store so people aren't confused and accidentally buy the old version.

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    Andrew Kehoe

    What about if its for an Android? It doesn't show in my Play Store. How do I reinstall SF 5 Pro on my Android?

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    If you purchased separately for Android, it should be in the Google play store under my apps & games > Library I believe.

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