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iPad 9.7 With iOS 12 Not Able To Toggle AR Button (Solution: App Reinstalled)

I installed the beta SkySafari 6 on the latest iPad with iOS 12.  However, when I toggle on Compass Mode there is no new AR button on the bottom of the screen.  I'm not sure what the problem would be?


Skysafari version:

iOS version: 12.0 (16A5327f)

Device: iPad 9.7 Latest Generation (Model MR7J2LL/A)


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    Darren Wood

    Don’t have a solution, but in the interests of more data points, toggling AR mode works as advertised for me:


    Skysafari version

    iOS version 12.0 (16A5327f)

    Device iPad Pro 10.5 inch (Model MPME2LL/A)

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    Rob Fiore

    Thanks Darren,

    I completely deleted the program then reinstalled and now it finally works!  So I’m not sure what changed.

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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks Rob, Darren, for testing AR, and for sleuthing out a solution to the AR toggle mode issue!

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