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Beta Testing SkySafari 6 (Android Only) - Read EVERYTHING To Participate!

Invitation To Android Users:

Everyone here in the Community Forums (with an Android device) is invited to participate in the beta-testing cycle :) 

Your beta-testing feedback, whatever you can contribute, will be invaluable to the success of SkySafari 6 for Android!


IMPORTANT: Beta Test User Requirements:

  • Email requirements: Users need a Google Account ( or a G Suite account to join in the beta test (see below).
  • Support Account requirements: Users must have Simulation Curriculum Support Account and must reply to this post; i.e. you are logged in to this website (see below).


How To Apply - 2 Parts: 

    1. You must enter your @Gmail or G Suite email address (the one you use to login to Google Play to buy/download apps for your Android device) into the red bar on the bottom of this webpage.  Note, the red bar can be hidden if you have any kind of ad-blocking plugin installed.
    2. Please also reply to this post (in a comment below) if you can help us at this time.  Please outline your experience with SkySafari, including what versions of SkySafari you have run previously, what telescopes you are controlling, what kind of astronomy you are involved in, if you are a power user, etc.


Failing to follow the 2 step application process above will exclude you from the beta testing cycle.


When Accepted To Beta Test:

Purchasing The Beta: When you are accepted, you will be notified via an email (sent to your @Gmail/G Suite email address) that you are able to purchase the SS6 Android beta app from Google Play. 

Accessing The SS6 Android Beta Testing Forum: When you are accepted you will see and have access to the SS6 Android Beta Testing forum.  The SS6 Beta Testing forum is hidden until you are accepted.

Please note, not all applicants will be immediately included in the beta-testing.  So, if you apply and do not hear back please be patient.

*** If accepted to the SS6 beta-testing forum please do NOT report bug/issues on this post.  See below for workflow ***


SS6 Android Beta Must Be Purchased:

You must purchase the beta app in order to participate in the beta testing process.  Both the beta for SS6 Plus and SS6 Pro are discounted 50% OFF.  This is the same discounted price that the apps will sell for during the first month promotion of the official public release.

You will be purchasing SkySafari 6 for Android in advance so that you can help test the features, identify and crush the bugs, and to ultimately refine and optimize the app for official public release (ETA end of August). 

When SS6 for Android receives its official public release you will NOT be required to pay for the app again. 

If we had a choice about it we would run the SS6 Android beta testing without having to make anyone pay upfront.  However -  given we must use the Google Play development environment we have no choice in this matter.  So, please accept that these are the parameters under which we must proceed at this time, and trust that through the beta-testing process we will, all together, improve the app such that the price paid now will be worth what will eventually become the refined and optimized end result.  If you have purchased SkySafari previously then you already know the standard to which we will hold this official public release.


The Process: 

As you find bugs/issues in SkySafari 6 please first review the current discussions in this beta-testing forum (which is hidden until you are invited).  If your bug/issue has already been identified please comment on the existing post.  If your bug/issue has not been identified please create a NEW post in the SS6 Android Beta Testing forum. 

For clarity regarding this bug reporting process please see the Example Bug Report (hidden until you are officially invited)

Please do not submit tickets with bugs/issues.


How To Follow The SS6 Beta Forum: 

As part of your participation we would appreciate that you follow the SS6 Android Beta Testing forum.  Following a forum means you will receive email updates when anyone creates a NEW post or comments/replies to one of the existing posts. This is important for two reasons.

  1. Following the forum ensures you receive email updates regarding all admin communications to the beta testers.  If admins make a post asking for assistance you will get an email update with that post.
  2. Following is also very important so that you have an on-going status report regarding bugs/issues identified, confirmed, requiring further testing, or have been resolved, etc.  This will help you stay on top of the overall process, and ensure you are not duplicating efforts where issues are already known and resolved.


To FOLLOW the SkySafari 6 Beta Testing community forum please see here.  Note, you must have been invited first, and have access to the forum before you can follow it.




Replying to Email Updates: 

When you follow the SS6 Beta Testing forum you will receive email updates regarding new posts (and comments, if opted for).  Please do not reply to email updates using the "Reply" function.  Please first use the "View the comment" link to open the community forum post, then reply to the post.  

This point is crucially important - so please understand the image below (this an example of an SS6 Beta Testing email update as seen using my web browser Yahoo email account).

If you use the email update "Reply" function your reply will not be added to the community forum discussion.





How to Use the Community Forums:

For clarity regarding how to use the Community Forums (posting/replying/following) please see here:


How To Sign Into The Community Forums (Required For Posting And Replying To Topics)

Browsers Supported by Simulation Curriculum Community Forums (Cookies Must Be Enabled)

How To Use Your New Community Support Forums


Beta Testing Summarized:


  1. SIGN IN or create account on this Simulation Curriculum support website.
  2. SUBMIT your Suite email address into the red bar at the bottom of this page.
  3. REPLY to this post (in a comment below) in order to apply to the SS6 Beta Testing group.
  4. When invited to join the beta testing visit the one of the Google Play URLs and PURCHASE your preferred SS6 app.
  5. FOLLOW the main SS6 Android beta forum to be kept up-to-date of any new posts (bug reports) and discussions thereafter (you get email updates).
  6. REVIEW previous beta testing discussions before posting your bug report.
  7. COMMENT on bugs already reported.
  8. Create NEW posts for bugs not yet reported.
  9. Follow the bug reporting GUIDELINES when reporting or commenting on bugs.
  10. Do NOT reply/comment to email updates.  Instead, VIEW the post first, then comment.
  11. Post any questions, about anything to do with the beta testing, in the SS6 Android beta testing forum.  We will reply to you there. 



We are very excited about the up and coming release of SS6 for Android and we're looking forward to working closely with everyone involved in the beta testing. 

Again, this is only for Android users at this time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    John Sillasen

    It's right under the Settings menu. You'll see it under Display Options. Just click the H-R Diagram title and 4 options show up. The first one is display H-R Diagram. Uncheck that and it goes away.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi John, Arthur, 

    For troubleshooting, bug reports and general Q & A, please create NEW posts in the SkySafari 6 Android Beta Testing community forum here:



  • 0
    John Sillasen

    Certainly would have had I found a problem. My original post was only to state it worked as advertised. Supplemental to that was where to find it. I suppose the latter could have been worthy of a new post, though.

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    Lynndel Humphreys

    Use Starry Night pro and the latest version of SkySafari on Android. An enthusiast. 

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    I have been a SS user ever since the first apps were released. I wanted to become a BETA tester due to an issue I and others are having with the latest version of SS 6 Pro  that came out in July 2019 that now crashes when ever we select SETTINGS.  I understand that the BETA version evidently corrects this issue. Hoping to be able to download the BETA version to recover use of the  APP.    I also use the same app but a previous release on my Samsung S8 cell phone and it doesn't crash....But on my Samsung tablet with the July release it crashes although it too worked fine with the previous release..

    Have sent previous bugs I have found to Bill but not through this Beta tester forum. 

    Bob Berta

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    Celso Montalvo

    Hello Keiron,

    I think I have been using the android Sky-Safari Pro since version 3 or 4. Currently I use Sky Safari in my regular phone, the one I use all day. Also I have installed the 6th version in another cell phone and in a tablet I use for observing. I started using SS6 Pro to command a C8 telescope with a SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 mount and ASI Air Pro a year ago and this tablet is the one I use for taking photograps. I have 57 years observing and many years using Sky Safari. I use SS every day.

    Celso Montalvo

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    Celso Montalvo

    A few minutes ago I sent a message asking to be included in the beta testing. Do I have to repeat the inscription procedure in my other two android devices? I forgot to telll that I use Sky Safari through Bluestacks in my computer also.

    Celso Montalvo.

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    Experienced hobby astronomer, SkySafari user for a long time. Beta tester for SS6. GSO 14" RC Skywatcher EQ8Pro Esprit 100 etc. etc. Requesting to join the beta testing for SS7.


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    Hi There, 


    I would like to test the new Sky Safari 7 Beta. I have tested several version od Skt Safari and Sstarry night and am well versed in pushing software to see what features work and what dosent. I am president of my astronomy clup ( 5 years) and am a member of the Astronomical League. We met several times at NEAF ( good times) and had very good conversations about  the software. I als performed several presentations on teh features of Sky Safari 6 and use it to track my scope.


    Thansk for your consideration 

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