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Brightest Comets Keeps Going Blank

 I am running SkySafari 6.2.0 on my iPad, which I've done for years. Recently (say the last couple of weeks) when I've opened the dropdown (up?) menu under search, all the other categories (DSOs, Messier Objects, etc.) are as they should be, but the 'Brightest Comets' has nothing. I delete the app, reinstall, the list of comets is back, but then it disappears again. I have deleted and reinstalled three times now, with exactly the same strangeness going on with the comets list. First they're there, then a day later they are not. Any ideas????


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    Bill Tschumy


    Not immediately sure what is happening.  In the basic version of SkySafari we automatically update the comet, asteroid and satellite data once a week.  There is no way to manually force an update (other than re-installing the app).

    Do you see asteroids and satellites in their respective lists?

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    David Scheuer

    Hello Bill

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, Brightest Asteroids, Current Satellites (stuff I'm not as interested in :-) ) and all the other lists appear to be working/functional. It's only the Brightest Comets that seems to be repeatedly getting sucked into a black hole. 

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