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There seems to be some issue with the border between Sweden and Norway. I have a site with observations, Idre Fjäll, which LiveSky for some reason reports as being located in Norway. Being from another part of Sweden I am not as severely offended as perhaps one from Dalarna itself could be but as far as my knowledge is correct, Dalarna has been a part of Sweden since the early forming of Svealand (core region of Sweden) in the 11th century so something is clearly wrong with the geodata here.

The site is quite correctly place in regards to the visual map so something other is the cause of the error.



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    Dave Whipps Official comment


    We have since removed the offending "Country" display. It was unnecessary, and, as you discovered, not always correct.

    (We were using a 3rd party service to translate between lat/long and country, and I guess it was incorrect for that particular location. Sorry!)

    - Dave

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