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No auto coordinates from bortle 1 zone?

Last night in heavy humidity, while in the bush, things almost went sour with the mini ipad 3, skybt and ss6 pro. I always thought coords would update themselves. Instead I realized I was using my home 's coordinates.

Not sure how it knew my home's location automagically. I would click on use current location and nothing would happen. Does one need to input the coords manually? All this caused havoc with my 11" sct alignment..

Also i believe humidity may had played a role while running a search or searches with a white keyboard, instead of a red one...the use red keyboard option on was on..

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    Bill Tschumy

    The iPads do not have a GPS unit in them (unless they are the cellular version).  So, in order to get your coordinates automatically you need to be on a Wi-Fi network where is can get an approximate location.  That is why it works at your home, but not out in the bush.

    There is no way that humidity could affect the search.  You might experiment at home to see what was happening.

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