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AR Does Not Enough Camera Gain to Be Useful

The AR function does not have enough camera gain to see the background at night, even though I live at the edge of a city and there is enough background light to walk around without a flashlight. The ability to dial up the gain of the camera would probably help, even if it does make the image noisy.


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    Pedro Braganca

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! There are advantages and drawbacks with longer camera exposures at night.  The advantage is that you might be able to see fainter objects (or see them better).  However, longer exposures do generate image noise and ghost-like trails as you move your device around.  I'm sure we'll do some tweaks (or allow you to do them) in the future to ensure the best experience possible under all lighting conditions.  



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    I should have been more specific, I meant boosting the ASA rather than the exposure. As it is now, the outlines of houses and trees are invisible and blend into the night sky.

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