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How Do I Join The SkySafari 6 Android Beta Testing Community?



I've read EVERYTHING and have the time over the next couple of weeks to give SS6 for Android a workout.

I'm currently running SS5 for Android on both a Samsung Galaxy J7 smart phone and a Nexus 7 2013 tablet.

I also am running SS6 for Mac OS X on a mid-2009 MacBook Pro

I first ran Sky Safari on an iPod Touch and got the Android tablet when my iPod could no longer update.

My personal scope is a push-to dob with digital setting circles that I operate both on and off an equatorial platform.

I also operate the University of Michigan's 24" McMath Cassegrain telescope equipped with an Argo Navis for alignment and both SkyFi and Sky BT units to broadcast to a portable device running Sky Safari.

The club also built a 17.5 inch Telekit equipped with Sky Commander, a ServoCat drive and the newer SkyFi 3.

I'm recovering from surgery (which is why I have the time) so I will not be able to field test the app before the end of August. But I can work through the other items on your list.


Jim Forrester

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