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[Meade LX90] SkySafari 6 Error: "Command Failure : The Scope Can't Slew To The Target Coordinates Because They Are Out Of Reach Of The Mount" (Answer: Check Slew Limits Set In HC And/Or Enable "Set Time & Location" In SS6)


I am attempting to control the scope with the IOS or the Mac SkySafari6 Pro.  I can connect and I can manual slew the scope using on screen arrows.  However, whenI attempt to GoTo a target it get the following warnings  "Command Failure  :  The scope can't slew to the target coordinates because they are out of reach of the mount".  These are not wild GoTo. Polaris to Alderamin.   It seems there is a slew limit setting I cannot adjust?      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.   

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    Bill Tschumy

    You can't set slew limits from SkySafari.  However, if you have set a slew limit using the hand controller, SkySafari will display an error if you try to exceed the limit.

    So first check to see if you have any limits set.

    If you don't, then the problem is likely due to the fact that your time & Location in SkySafari don't match that in the mount.  You should probably turn on the "Set Time & Location" option in the Telescope Setup settings.  This will cause SkySafari to tell the mount you time & location when you connect.  Of course, you should make sure your time & location in SkySafari are correct.


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