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Epoch basis in communication with SynScan

Skywatcher EQ6-R, SynScan V4

Dear SkySafari team,

It appears that Skywatcher has changed the epoch basis for communication with the mount somewhere between v04.37.02 (current epoch) and v04.39.05 (J2000).  As SkySafari seems to always use the current epoch for communication with the mount, there is an offset between the internal position of the mount  and that displayed in SkySafari for v04.39.05. For v04.37.02, the two positions agree. Is this a known feature and are there plans to take this into account in future SkySafari versions?

Thanks for your help, Alexander


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    Bill Tschumy

    Yes, we have recently learned about this change.  We will be releasing a new version in about a week that will correct this.

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    Alexander Kappes

    Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to the new version.

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