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Goto issue

Was having a great session looking at Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars but when I selected Saturn and pushed Goto, nothing happened.
Worked fine for every other object I wanted to look at except Saturn.
Was the first time using the SynScan wireless adapter with SkySafari 6.


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    Bill Tschumy

    I can't see how the object Saturn would make a difference.  Was it close to the horizon?  All I can think of is the mount reported a "below horizon" error but it was not forwarded to us.  This could happen if the mount and SkySafari have different locations or times in their settings.

    Is this the setup where you have to run the SynScan app on one device and SkySafari on the other?  

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    Wicked Empire

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes I have to use 2 devices. Was strange as Saturn was high in the sky with all the others. I’m thinking it is a limit error. Saturn didn’t show up in SynScan app either.There is an option called catalog filter that when turned off allowed Saturn to be shown in the list. Will have to give it all another go and spend a little more time on the detail before diving into viewing.
    Love using SkySafari .

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