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Issue listed in IOS App review - crashing

I received an e-mail from you to motivate me to post the issue I've recently had with the unreliability of the sky safari 6 pro application on my iPhone 7.   It's been a couple of months ago but the unreliability is not a new thing.  I'll post the situation most recently frustrating me.   I was outside trying to zoom into the highest magnification of the moon to look at a crater I was trying to identify on the moon.    There were no other applications running.    The app was in night mode, I would search for the crater, center, then zoom in.  Upon getting to what I assume is the highest level of zoom, the application would crash and take me back to my home screen, at which time I'd have to try again.   I tried this numerous times including resetting my iPhone 7+ to no avail.  I finally gave up.

I also complained about a paid-for app that pops up advertisements!   Besides seeing this app need frequent paid-for updates, way too frequent if you ask me, I now have the pleasure of seeing pop ups for advertisements!   It would be nice, after you say 'not interested' once, it would stop asking.   I find this really obnoxious and betrays the users who have paid for the product.      I have been a user since the beginning and find this latest release poor at best.

I'll also post issues I've just recently found in the macOS app I also use.     




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    Bill Tschumy


    Thanks for your comments.

    We have recently found the bug you are hitting.  It occurs when zoomed in on the Moon and are panning around.  It will be fixed in the next release, due out in a week or so.

    I will pass your comments about the advertisements on to marketing.  We try to keep these unobtrusive, and they generally only happen about once a month.  You may have seen more recently because we just released SkySafari on Android.


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    Thanks.  I have recently seen, with a new popup ad, the option to never see it again.     This is an acceptable solution as long as it works.

    Thank you for listening.


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