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What is The Correct Alignment Procedure When Using SkySafari 6 Plus With The Celestron NexStar SLT 130? (Answer: Read On)

I have a Celestron STL 130 with a SkyQ Link WIFI adapter. I use the SkySafari 6 Plus App for IOS and it usually works correctly, but sometimes it has erratic behavior or misalignment. I think something is wrong with the alignment procedure. I describe the procedure that I use with some questions:

1. When turning on the mount I'm not sure I have to start from one position of the tube. Sometimes when I turn it on I have it at 0º of Altitude and 0º of Azimut (North orientation) Is it necessary? Or it is possible start from any position of the tube

2. I also do not check the time, nor the day nor coordinates stored in the mount are synchronized or approximate to those of SkySafari, but I think it is not necessary to have full control SkySafari. Is it correct, or do I have to update this data in the mount before connecting with SkySafari?

3. I do not align with the HC, only with Sky Safari, although sometimes, for ease, to move the telescope I use the movement buttons of the HC. Can they be used if they alter the alignment?

4. For the alignment method I read that SkyAling is recommended as manual alignment. What is the recommendation using SkySafari to have the best alignment?



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    Bill Tschumy


    1. The position of the scope does not matter when you start the alignment.

    2. We automatically send the device's time to mount when connecting via Celestron Wi-Fi.  You shouldn't have to do anything about that.

    3. Celestron now says not to even move the mount using the HC, but I have never seen this cause a problem.  I don't think that is the source of your problems.

    4. SkyAlign should work just fine.

    If you are still having problems with your alignment, you should discuss it with Celestron support.  They provide support for the Celestron Wi-Fi code in SkySafari.

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    Rafael Lario de Oñate

    Thank you very much for your quick reply.

    It has been very helpful to clarify the operation.

    Just one more question. Could you tell me what is the communication between SkySafari and NexStar SLT? That is, if relative movement commands are transmitted or movement to coordinates. This is just for my information and to better understand how it works.

    Thank you very much

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    Bill Tschumy

    GoTo commands are sent using a target RA/Dec.

    Slewing commands using the buttons (or tilt-to-slew) are done using some proprietary Celestron commands that just move in a particular direction and a particular rate.

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