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First try of livesky premium can't add object to observing list.

I have for the first time tried to use the premium version of livesky. My observations made with SFpro6 are there and I can create a new observing list. However when I access SkySafari web, select an object and try to add it to the list by right clicking nothing happens.  I also find the layout a bit clunky compared to the app. Where is the familiar toolbar?

I thought it would be a place where Sky Safari users could communicate and plan observations as well as to see what other people were observing along with their comments.

It would also be good to confirm an unusual observation while at the telescope.

If I am simply doing something wrong then please point me in the right direction.

I am using Windows 8.1 with IE 11


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    Dave Whipps


    When you say, "right clicking, nothing happens" do you mean that you don't see a popup menu? Or when you click "New Observation..." inside that menu, then nothing happens?

    Note that IE is REALLY not the best browser, and we don't officially support it. Can you try with Chrome/FireFox or even Edge? They're all free, and much better in general than IE.

    - Dave

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    Arthur Fentaman

    Thanks Dave


    I have just tried it with Chrome and it appears to work but a few refinements would be appreciated. 

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