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Skysafari 6 Pro | Tapped Arrow Keys Get Stuck When Trying To Control Scope - SkySafari 5 Pro Works Fine (Unresolved)

I have been using the skysafari app for years to connect and control my telescopes, version 5 was rather stable, I am current using version 6 Pro, since the AR update the app has exhibited problems in controlling my mount.

I am running the latest version of Skysafari 6 Pro on a year old maxed out iPad Pro. It is talking to either a iOptron 25ZEQ or a Meade LX850 Mount so my problem/issue is not mount specific.

I’m seeing two issues.

1) The app will stall/freeze for several seconds in the middle of operation. During these times the app and iPad are non-responsive. I saw the same behavior on a iPad 2 where I atributes the issue to the slower CPU but the iPad Pro has a faster processor and more memory and does the same thing.

2) The major issue I am having with version 6 is once connected to the scope via WiFi I can control the RA & DEC using the arrow buttons on the left and right side of the screen. But occasionally skysafari latches on to one of the arrows, after it’s been tapped, and will command the mount to slew several degrees when only a small motion was requested. At times this makes it almost impossible to center and object in the telescopes. I can reduce the impact by move the rate slider to its slows rate which at least reduces the distance the mount moves during these uncommanded moves.

I see these issue whenever I have connected to a mount. The problem can be seen on a iOptron, Meade or Orion dob Mount so it does not apear to be a mount controller specific issue.


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    Bill Tschumy


    Sorry you are having problems.  Nothing has really changed in SS6 with respect to how we communicate with the mount.  It should function no better or worse than in SS5.

    How are you connecting to the mounts?  Are you using SkyFi or SkyWire?  Something else?

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    Roy Hansen

    I’m having the same problem. I’m using an ipad with SkySafari 6 pro using the skyportal wifi to connect. Some taps work. Then wont and suddenly slews for seconds.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Roy, 

    Bill is away at the Okie_Tex star party this week.  Updates to this discussion may not come until next week.

    Thanks for your patience!

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    Hi folks,

    1st, have a great time at the Okie_Tex star party.

    2nd, I too have experienced this behaviour in SkySafari v5 & SkyFi III in the past. From what I remember, it was worse when my wife was watching Netflix via the same Apple Airport Express access point. It was like driving a small power boat on a choppy lake. However, to be fair, I haven't done much testing since I moved my WiFi access point from 120' away in the house, to underneath my feet in the observatory. I plan to retest in v6 sometime during the next several weeks, once I get some more hours of stargazing in the bag so to speak. I'll repost here what I find out.

    Clear skies all,

    Okanagan, BC

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