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How To Enter Manually Coordinates Of Unlisted Objects Into SkySafari 6 Pro? (Answer: When Connected To Scope Tap 3 Vertical Dots Button On Far Right - This Shows UI For Entering An RA/Dec For GoTo)

For example, Soap Bubble Nebula in Cygnus, its coordinates are RA 20h 15m 26.4s, Dec +38deg 02m 25” (2000.0). This object is designated as PN G75.5+1.7 and is not listed in SkySafari 6 Pro.

How can I enter coordinates manually so I can send goto command to my scope to that object?



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    Bill Tschumy

    When you are connected to the scope, tap the button on the far right (3 vertical dots).  This will bring up some UI for entering an RA/Dec to go to.

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