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Running two mounts from iPad

1.  Two NJP mounts with scopes

2. Two SkyFi III devices

3. One iPad or computer

4.  SkySafari 6

5. One 12x16 observatory

I want to use one iPad or computer to control the two mounts. I know I will have to switch back and forth between the wifi networks if I use one iPad.   I've named the SkyFI devices Joel and Perri.  What settings do I use so that the iPad recognizes them as separate networks?   When I was trying to set them up it seemed that iPad  had trouble differentiating the two networks.  Of course, I would also like to be able to run one on an iPad and one on my computer at the same time.


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    Bill Tschumy

    This should work.  Since they are both NJP mounts you don't need to change the Telescope Setup settings as you switch back and forth.

    You have given each SkyFi a unique name.  That is important so you can recognize which to join for which scope.  Just disconnect from one and join the other when you are ready and it should just work.

    Running on off the iPad and one off the Mac should be a piece of cake.  Just do what you would do if the other didn't exist.


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