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How To Add Reference Points After Alignment Using Celestron Evolution + Starsense + SkySafari 6 Pro? (Needs Help)

[Evolution wiFi scope, Starsense, using SkySafari 6 Pro with iPad]

Last night, I was able to resolve the "pointing error too large" issue from the other night. Problem was I was slewing the scope too far apart with each manual star capture. I was able to achieve successful alignment along with a calibration, but was unable to figure out how to add additional reference points/captures in SkySafari. The only option after alignment was to "calibrate." I tried, hitting "calibrate," hoping this would add a reference, but only started a new alignment.


1. How do you add reference points after alignment in SkySafari?

2. After successful calibration and realignment, I was still at least one degree off my go-to target (not visible in my 32 mm eyepiece). How do I get better go-to alignment in SkySafari?


Thank you for all your help

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