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Why Is SkySafari 6 Not Displaying The Horizon? (Answer: In Settings -> Coordinate System -> Select "Horizon = Alt/Az")


I have this nagging issue where SkySafari on my Mac will not display the sky properly and in particular when I change the settings for the horizon it never takes effect. I’ve attached a screen shot here to hopefully better explain it. The green line going through the SCP should end with the horizon being displayed.

At this point nothing I do in the “horizon” settings actually changes the display either and I’ve tried all the settings available here. I’ve also completely removed SkySafari 6 and then re-installed it from the app store. No change, its somehow keeping the borked settings for the app somewhere. I also just applied a recent update to it and still no change. I’ve had SkySafari 5 and 6 on Mac for a while and have never seen this behaviour before either.

This is severely impacting the functionality of SkySafari and I need to know how to clear these settings out so I can get it back to working correctly again.

Thank you, Craig





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    Gah, sorry, I found the setting that reverts this.


    I've never used it before, but its in the "coords" menu and you have to select "Horizon (Alt/Az)" and I had something else selected there instead for some reason. 

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    Keiron Smith

    An excellent discovery, Craig!  Thanks for sharing your success story!  Clear skies!

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