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How To *Change* Cloud ID For Cloud Storage To Sync Across Several Devices? (Answer: SS6 Uses LiveSky To Sync All Devices Across All OS)

I have SS 6.1.1 installed on 2 macs, an iPhone, and an iPad.

I want them all to use the same cloud storage ID so that my settings are synced, but instead I have several *different* Cloud IDs.

How can I *change* the Cloud ID associated with specific installs so that all my devices share the same cloud storage?

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    Keiron Smith

    In SkySafari 6 all devices across all OS are synced using LiveSky.  Create a free LiveSky account on one device, and sign into all devices using the LiveSky account.  All devices will be synced.

    SkySafari Settings -> Account -> LiveSky

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