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Pending Forum Posts (Resolved)

I'm curious if the forum now requires approval for members to post? On a separate thread, I just noticed that a recent post was pending approval. It seems that this would really detract from users getting support after hours and on weekends, when the community is relied on to help out. If approvals are needed to stop spam or something, maybe users with enough previously approved posts or time as a member, or something else, could be allowed to post without approval? Thanks

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    Matthew Hjelle Official comment

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the post.  We have been having some issues with someone or some entity spamming the forums in rapid succession and are working with our service provider to straighten it out.  The pending approval mode is allowing us to get a handle on the matter without opening the gates for another flood that can really make topics unusable.  

    We'll post another update as soon as we can.  


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