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Star Alignment Failure out of ideas: equipment list Celestron WIFI, SkySafari 6, iOS (phone), ALTZ mount and 8SE

HI I am not able to achieve a successful star alignment with SkySafari 6 which is installed on my iPhone.

I have no issues connecting my phone to the WIFI and can slew the scope without any issues.  My problem is I am not able to successfully get the system to align.   I am not doing an alignment with the hand controller first per information found on the website.   

I first start my alignment with Polaris mostly because I dont know the sky real well and also because I want to take my time in getting it very centered.  Once Polaris is nicely set up I then select align and connect.   I let it connect and make sure Polaris is selected as the object and select it, then the system says to go to the next object #2, I select the next bright star that I use example Vega get it in the eyepiece make sure its selected as the object that I want and select it and it says move to the 3rd object.   Then its again select the object in SkySafari and make sure its in the center of field of view and select it.   Then I get the alignment failed and so I try again.

I have done this using the phone to slew between the objects and also the hand controller for moving the scope which I have read in the support area that using the slew buttons are ok to use.  Anyway after awhile I just give up and use the 2 star auto align in the hand controller and it worked.   

I really don't have any idea on how to work thru this problem as I am not able to find any information on how its supposed to work other than follow the directions on the iOS device.   Others at the star party I as at stated they do their alignment first with the scope controller and then connect to SkySafari and it works but the instructions specifically with the Celestron WIFI say not to do this as the controllers will fight each other and erratic behavior will result. 

Viewing time is few and far between in Michigan plus its getting cold :-)  and so I don't want to waste time aligning the scope but I do want to use observation lists that I set up to get to enjoyable evenings.

Is their a detailed instruction for the Celestron with WIFI available that someone has put together on the internet and I just have not found it or am I missing something obvious that an experienced person would know and its so basic that its assumed.   Such as do I need to start the system pointed north in align with the pole and at a zero position (horizontal) and then slew to my first object.  I sure hope not as I have an ALTZ and I only use Polaris to start because its the only for sure star I know early when only a few bright start are out.  

So the process is set up scope first,  get Polaris in the eyepiece then select connect and align, follow the prompts for three objects with polaris as the first choice, finish the other two objects, after the 3rd is finished it states alignment failed.   Simple and should work, I could tolerate a failure to align once and awhile, but I have never successfully got it to work after two different nights out.

All I know is the more I do this the less satisfaction I get, I see the Mead guys stuff working and I struggle, is Celestron equipment/software that inferior?   The Mead users use their hand controllers to align and the can go, with Celestron you have to use the iOS to control the alignment. 

Anyway hopefully I can get this sorted out shortly before I loose interest.

Thanks Don




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    Donald Swetzig

    I connected the iPhone to the scope to look at the settings for what type of alignment options are available after reading the telescope setup info in the manual.

    There are several choices, can you explain what they are and how they are supposed to work, as I have not found any documentation on the internet explaining my options.   Mine was set to SkyAlign.

    I also set the mount on the tripod to see how it reacts and I also observed that the starting point for SkySafari is the horizon pointing north.  So I am assuming that I need to have the OTA pointing north and the mount have the alignment marks aligned.   So can you please verify if this is also needed in the alignment process.



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Don, 

    I suggest contacting Celestron support about this.  Theodore replied to your question regarding the similar issue by saying Celestron replaced his hand controller and now it works properly.

    Please update this discussion when Celestron have provided you with a solution.


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    Donald Swetzig

    So I contacted Celestron and the first answer is how to use the Hand Controller for an alignment.  So are you sure they don't want you guys to provide support.

    I attempted to clarify my issue so we will see what they say on the next round of questions and answers.   The only good thing is that slow walking to ideas how to solve the issue is ok as I have many days of cloudy skies forecast where I live.

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