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[Bug] Recorded Asteroid Observations Have Changed Names Upon Review (Needs Path To Reproduction)

I logged observations of three asteroids during an observing session on the evening of November 19th between 8:30pm and 11:00pm PST. When I look at the observations for that session now (the evening of 11/30), all the asteroid names have changed!

"(3) Juno" became "S-NET D" (I think, this might possibly have been an observation of "(647) Adelgunde" that was changed to "S-NET D")

"(433) Eros" became "(427) Galene"


"(456) Abnoba" became "(450) Brigitta"

"(293) Brasilia" became "(287) Nephthys"

These all looked fine the night of the observing session, and just noticed the change tonight. Did a subsequent update to my SS6 minor planet database somehow corrupt this?

I am running SkySafari 6 Pro under OS X 10.13.6 on a late 2013 Mac Book Pro 15" laptop.


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    Bill Tschumy

    Sorry no one has responded to this.  Did you ever figure out what was happening?

    A database update shouldn't cause a problem. I have certainly logged many asteroids and not have them change on me.

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    All I figured out was what I reported. I know the observations were recorded correctly at the time I logged them. So, I am sure the software somehow corrupted the asteroid IDs without any further actions on my part after I logged the observation.

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