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[Bug]* Observe -> Equipment -> Telescopes -> Add or Edit Telescope -> Edit Focal Length = User Telescope Panel Appears Frozen

Hi Keiron,

Season’s Greetings

I feel that the problem may lie in the control logic of a function not returning a value to the equipment list dialogue box.


Please see below.

P.S. this is only a mere inconvenience to an otherwise great product.


Joe Downs

In analysing, I should really have gone through changing one item of data at a time.


This, I have now carried out.


The dialogue box allowing entry of the telescope data works fine. Allowing the changes to each field individually, in various combinations, including all of them, and closes as expected upon clicking the ‘OK’.


The dialogue box showing the Equipment List freezes (does not close) after updating the equipment list manually when;


Changing only;

                The Make,

                The Aperture,

                The Focal length


Changing the Model of telescope only, does not cause any problems.


In each instance of ‘freezing ‘, clicking on the SN Icon on the Task Bar and then the ‘OK’ of the Equipment List dialogue box, closes down the Equipment List dialogue box.


I was having further thoughts on the issue.


The data on the ‘new telescope’ which has been entered shows up in the Equipment List dialogue box when it is re-opened.


I, therefore, conclude that the code which calls up and returns the Data Entry Dialogue function/subroutine does so correctly for the Model field.


The issue would appear to be in the control logic of what happens to return the code to the main program upon change once the ‘NEW’ option has been clicked.


The way in which the program behaves suggests that, there is there a separate On Change function for each field?


In which case, the problem may lie in the code for the On Change function for each of the above mentioned fields not returning the correct control value to the Equipment List dialogue box properly.


Hence, the reason why it is not responding when its ‘OK’ button is clicked.


Clicking on the SN Icon on the Task Bar is probably re-setting a control value.


Possible typo, notoriously hard to spot, in the function/subroutine.


These are only my thoughts. Without knowing the actual code/program flow diagram, I am making suppositions. None-the-less, I hope my thoughts are of some assistance.


One other thought, I purchased the up-grade to Starry Night Pro Plus 8 on the very positive experiences I have had using Starry Night Pro Plus 7 software for planning my observing sessions.


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