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[Bug]* Observe -> Equipment -> Telescopes -> Add or Edit Telescope -> Edit Focal Length = User Telescope Panel Appears Frozen

Version 7 has been wonderful for almost a year. Downloaded Pro 8 couple days ago. Have an HP laptop OMEN 15t, with GeForce 1050 (2GB) graphics card, i7 processor. When trying to add and/or edit equipment list (don't know how to get the last equipment file into this version, but that is not really my question) it freezes when I hit "OK". Two times it worked, for some reason, but all other maybe 6 attempts ends with CTRL-ALT-DELETE, then close with task manager. Upon starting Pro 8 again - even before it opens all the way - a prompt comes up that says " Possible problem with OpenGL Shaders (whatever that is??). Suggests I turn off Shaders. I have tries this and still same results. 

Help! Thanks, Brad


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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Brad, 

    The app is not frozen.  It is an issue with the Windows 10 OS losing focus on the app panel, i.e, you can't touch the panel with the mouse cursor anymore.  When this happens try minimizing the app, clicking the app icon in the Windows taskbar, then maximize the app, clicking the app in the Windows taskbar, then try to continue using the app, clicking the OK button.

    Does that work for you for now?  We are going to punch out a fix for this in the next update.


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