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Has Support Finished For Starry Night 6 (Answer: Yes, Please Upgrade To Starry Night 8)

As per title ?


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Hi Lee,

    We have recently released Starry Night 8.  Version 6 is very old at this point, and yes, support is finished.  You can expect V6 to run properly on the operating systems for which is was developed.  And, all of the support website KB base are written for V6 and up.  So, there is lots of info here for V6 troubleshooting.  But, we are not releasing anymore updates for V6, and we are supporting via tickets any issues with V6 moving forward.  Please consider upgrading to Starry Night 8 which is light-year ahead of V6 in regards to features and databases, and is also fully supported on current operating system.  Plus, you get a significant discount for upgrading.


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    Lee Richards

    Hi Keiron,

    Thanks for the reply. I was asking purely because there are many posts here that simply dont have any input from you or your team.

    As for 'ANSWERED' !! if by that you mean just upgrade then i shall instead uninstall and buy else where. Clearly SN has no interest in past customers.

    Thanks for the zero help offered.

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