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Observing list crashes Skysafari when selected

I'm running Skysafari 6 Pro on a iMac under the latest Mojave OS. I imported an observing list from Astroplanner into Skysafari 6 Pro, after exporting it from Astroplanner in sky safari format. Skysafari crashes every time I select the list. I cannot delete the imported list from within Skysafari (since I cannot select the list to delete it.) I tried to reinstall Skysafari but the problem list is still there. How do I get rid of the list.  The broader issue is importing my old Astroplanner observing lists into Skysafari.  Obviously the export feature from Astroplanner did not work as I expected.


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    Bill Tschumy


    Sorry no one has gotten back to you.  Our support person has been consumed with Starry Night 8 support.

    I have been working with Eric through a ZenDesk ticket with what sounds like the same issue.  Is that you?

    We have determined that AstroPlanner is generating some improper observing lists.  That should not cause the app to crash, but even without the crash, the list could not work.

    You can use the LiveSky web interface to delete the list if you can't get to it in SkySafari.  

    I did find that if in SkySafari you shrunk the "object" section of the Observing list screen so only one item was visible in the bottom section, you might be able to select the offending list and delete it without generating a crash.

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