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SS6 Pro Observations Not Checked Off As Observed In iOS (Answer: Duplicate List Deleted)

I am having an issue where observations are recorded and can be seen from the info screen for each object.  However, when I go to the observing list where the objects are located, they are not checked off as observed.  If I go to the session in which I did the observations, the observations are there and when I go to the "edit observation" screen, the associated observing list is showing up as the source.

The observations show up in LiveSky.  The objects are checked off as observed on my MacBook.  The objects are not checked off as observed on my iPad.

I am logged in to LiveSky on both my Mac and iPad.

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    I've discovered my problem.  Somehow I have a duplicate observing list with exactly the same name.  I was looking at the wrong list.  Deleting the duplicate list solved my problem.

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