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Alternate object names in title bar


It would be nice to show the alternate object names in the title bar when clicking on an object, eg. Abell 67 | PK 043-131.1 | ARO 117 | PN G043.5-13.4

Currently the info in the title bar disappears after a few seconds. Can that be changed, so that it is on as long as the object is selected?

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    Bill Tschumy

    I don't think we can show the condensed object info in the status bar indefinitely.  If we did so you would never see the time and location information.  You can always reshow that info by just tapping in the status bar.

    There are often 8 to 10 alternative names for an object.  It is not feasible to show them all.  If not, which do we show?  Also, on the phone there is not room to show more that one alternate designation and also show the magnitude, object type and constellation.  I think that information is important.

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