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How To Return To Home With Daylight Turned Off? (Solution: Un-Sync Projector, Return Home, Turn Off Daylight, Re-sync Projector)

I used to be able to enter the moon flyby animation and then exit it back to my local night sky, but in this new version it's not exiting on its own and when I go back to my local night sky it's at day instead of night. Obviously I know how to make it night again, but I'm hoping for a way not to have to as it really would be bright after being in the dark so long. I did read the manual but did not find any advice here. 

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Joey, 

    Three possible ways to do this:

    You can un-sync Small Dome from the Projector app.  When you do this changes made in Small Dome are not reflected in the Projector app until you re-sync the two together.  In this way, you can un-sync, return to home in Small Dome, turn off daylight, and then re-sync the projector.

    Another possible solution is to turn off daylight, and choose Options > Save current options as default.  Now when you start Small Dome, or when you choose to return to the "Home" location, then daylight will always be off.

    Finally, you can save a special home location "favourite" file that has daylight turned off.  And, when you want to return home, and have daylight turned off, you choose that favourite file.

    I think the un-sync, re-sync option is probably your best solution.


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