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How To Control ServoCAT Using Only SkySafari + SkyFi III (And Without Argo Navis)?

I have a Obsession 18UC with Argo & SkyFi III and SkySAfari via iPad..  I have no issues with them working together.

However, I have seen several instances on web pages where folks are NOT using the Argo Navis, but still controlling their telescope with SkyFi with an iPad/iPhone running SkySafari.

I am curious as to how to do this without the Argo Navis?  Don't you still have to acquire an alignment with the telescope and SkySafari?

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    Bentley Ousley

    Hello Charles,  I believe you still need an interface similar to Argo Navis to bridge the communication between ServoCat and Sky Safari. I use the Nexus DSC which has the advantage of integrated WIFI (you don't need a SkyFi). I haven't heard of anyone using the ServoCat stand-alone with Sky Safari (SkyFi for WIFI) but I'm always eager to hear what other folks have figured out.



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