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Is SkySafari 3 Still Available In The AppStores? (Answer: No, Unless You Already Purchase It)


I've purchased Skysafari ver. 6 plus for both Android and iOS and use them stand alone and for guiding a modern wifi mount (Skywatcher AZ-GTi).

I recently acquired an Ultima 2000 and older skyfi box (Orion branded). I understand support for these ended long ago.

But....if I can get my hands on an older iOS 10 iPhone, could I get Skysafari ver 3 from you just for this one scope? I'd be happy to pay for it.


Ben Green
San Diego, CA

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Ben, 

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide you with SkySafari 3.  We had to remove the previous version listings from the app stores because too many new customers were buying the older versions instead of latest and greatest.  However, it is possible to control the Ultima using Ascom on Windows.  So, you could consider Starry Night Pro 8 on Windows 10.


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