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When Using Starry Night Pro + Windows 10 + AstroGeeks COM2TCP The WiFi Connection Drops In COM2TCP After A Few Slews (Solution: Issue Is Related To Laptop WiFi - Read On!)

I was out last night testing my SkyFi III with my laptop using Stellarium and Starry Night Pro attempting to use a Wireless Connection using the Astro Geeks program COM2TCP which is one of the recommended programs by you folks. I originally thought it was the SkyFi III device but now I believe there is some kind of bug (don't know where the bug is maybe COM2TCP). So I start up COM2TCP and I get the right green light which means it connected to the IP Port 4030. I then start up Starry Night or Stellarium and I connect just fine using one of my available COM Ports. I do a few successful slews to some objects and it works fine. But after a few times, either Starry Night or Stellarium can no longer slew to objects and the programs hang. I then go out to COM2TCP and the left green light is off which means the connection has been severed to the COM Port. I then go into Drivers and I see that the COM port no longer exists ! I try to restart COM2TCP but it no longer lists the COM port for me to choose from. A reboot of my PC seems to solve the problem but if I try it again, the connection drops in COM2TCP after a few slews.

So I am not sure where the problem is? Do I need to open a problem with Astro Geeks in regards to COM2TCP?

I tired Sky Safari Pro using SkyFi III on my IPAD using a wireless connection and everything works great so I don't believe this is a SkyFi III issue but either a PC issue or COM2TCP. I also did a 'wired' connection directly from my laptop USB port to the hand control using the Prolific Drivers and it also works fine but I would prefer to use a wireless solution which is why I bought the COM2TCP program. I have also gotten this to failure indoors last week and I mentioned that in my previous case for SkyFi III thinking it was a power issue on the device.

Please Advise.


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    Conrad Sanders

    I have tried a different laptop Asus, and I didn’t  have the problem so I believe it’s my internal WiFi card that’s  creating the problem.  So I purchased a external USB WiFi adapter for my HP Laptop and so far so good.

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    Keiron Smith

    Wow, an excellent result, Conrad!  Thanks for sharing your success story!

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